Master of my own destiny

There has always been one thing about the Christian religion (in which I follow) that has always bugged me. In the bible it states that God knows what life you will live, he knows the future and all the events leading up to it. A persons life is immediately laid out like a path to follow and in the word it says that God expects you to follow this path…..Yet…we have freewill. We can choose not to follow it, and deal with the consequences following that choice. Yet…if God knows what life we will choose, why bother putting the path into existence at all? Some people won’t like me asking these questions, that we shouldn’t question God in the first place…that…it’s all part of a greater plan. Yet God didn’t make us into mindless sheep. He gave us an intelligent mind, freewill, and the ability to constantly ask, “Why”? I know for a fact that some of my readers are devout believers of God’s word, so they will probably start questioning the solidity of my faith when I say that I don’t fully believe 100% of what is in the bible. Let me explain.

Throughout history, the bible has been abusively used as a tool to control the masses by various governments. It has been rewritten, censored, and pretty much desecrated to serve the goals of those looking to control. It is an unfortunate fact, but a true one nonetheless. Today’s current bible is not as it was the first time it was written. What is the truth? What is a lie? Ultimately it is for us to decide, and I have decided to believe certain things in the bible…not all of it, and one of the things that I refuse to believe, is that God is the master of our destiny. Absolute dribble. It does not make sense. What I do believe however is that he can help us live the best life possible. A guiding hand for those who ask for it, but not the weaver of our fate. I believe that the future is never set in stone. The future is a white void, ready to filled up by the choices we make along the way. The outcome of those choices fill the void, and when the time is right, leaps into action. Choices…consequences…all of this is a result of freewill…and freewill determines are fate.



I am going to stop using these terms, as I don’t believe in them either. What I do believe in though, is the future. Words like Fate and Destiny suggest that your future is set in stone….Anything that says that the future is set in stone is a notion I will rebel against as hard as I rebelled against the S.O.P.A (stop online piracy act). It spits on the notion of freewill. It is a personal insult to God himself considering that it is his greatest gift to humanity next to sending his son to die on the cross. So what does all of this have to do with what I am about to say? Well the purpose of writing this is to make a digital documentation of a proclamation that I will no longer subject myself to the whims of others. Any parent from here on now will not determine what is most important to me, any boss I have in the future will not determine my financial life, any choice I make in the future will be because I wanted to make that choice. I will be the master of my own destiny.

Now let me make this abundantly clear, I am a Christian, and believe in many of the stories and values that are laid out in the bible. I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins…what I also believe is that God gave us a free mind to determine what the bible means to us. There are some that will say I am wrong, there are some that will say that the bible is the ultimate truth. Good…say that….it means you have used God’s gift to determine what the bible means to you, but I am adamant in what I think, so just like how I won’t try to force my opinion on you…so should as others not force their opinions on me.

If there was one thing that infuriated me the most though, was the notion that I couldn’t do certain things because someone was pulling the strings, because someone had a gun to my head. This fact couldn’t be as relatable as it is to a working position, with boss and all. Your financial life is ultimately decided by your boss. He could fire you in an instant for no reason at all, and before you know it, your financially screwed. The expectations of your parents could also be another one. You want to live up to your parents expectations but what they are expecting of you is not something you want to do. It is different when you are still in grade school, but when you legally turn 18 and gain the same rights as every single living adult in America, you are free to do whatever you want. A person, place, or thing having any control in anything in my life is something worth fighting against, and it is worth fighting against even more when you realize that what is controlling you is holding you back from how great you can truly be.

It is a situation I know all to well, I am caught up in the middle of it. But the decision to take back my life has been made, so the first vital step towards success has been achieved. Whats left for me is figuring out how I go about this from now on. College is something that I am going to complete, regardless of the expectations of my parents, because there is to much time and money invested in it already. A mistake I have unfortunately made, but I will not blame myself on it to much, the choice was made back when I wasn’t nearly as free spirited as I am now, so there is nothing left to do but complete what was started. But…it is not a major priority. Right now, the priority is to figure out a method to get back in control, and I believe I have found it. It is not for certain, so I will not state it…but it is something that if done right…that if enough work is to put into it….it will put me on the right path….and it will put me one step closer to my dreams and aspirations.


About jwalker67

There is not much to say about myself except that I am a twenty year old guy dealing with asperger syndrome that aspires to be a fantasy writer as a career. If we are talking about hobbies then video games tops that list. I'll be a gamer till the day I die.
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2 Responses to Master of my own destiny

  1. Pastor Chris says:

    Josh, these are good insights. I’m squarely on the other side of the fence, BUT, there is a valid discussion here. I wonder if you have ever heard of my former pastor, Greg Boyd. You should check out his work in order to flesh out your thoughts. His website is at I’d recommend reading “God of the Possible,” which I can send you if you would like me to, and then Bruce Ware’s “Their God is too Small” to get at both sides of this matter. Also, I have an article on my website about issues related to this very thing. ( “Open Theism?”)

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