A New Blog

I have expressed interest in blogging about certain subjects that aren’t quite as you say, as personal as this one is. One such subjects is the video game industry. I am looking to pursue a career in it as a writer so I am hoping that this blog I have set up will act as a small step towards just one of my many goals. For those of you who are not interested in the subject of video games, then it might be best that you stay away from it, but if you know anyone, anyone at all that will be, might I kindly ask you to direct them my way. The link is below this post. The blog doesn’t have a post up yet, but there is a short introductory text that explains what that blog will be all about.

And for those of you who might be wondering whether I will still focus on this blog or not, don’t worry, I have found out that writing out my problems, issues, and concerns is great therapy and stills the raging storm in my head. It would be virtually unhealthy to stop writing about what I am thinking now. I will give this blog as much love and attention as the new one I have started. In fact, because of this second blog up, I will probably be writing much more frequently, so for those of you who are actually truly invested in what I have to say, this will be great news for ya. 

Expect a new post soon. Until then, have a great tomorrow! 



About jwalker67

There is not much to say about myself except that I am a twenty year old guy dealing with asperger syndrome that aspires to be a fantasy writer as a career. If we are talking about hobbies then video games tops that list. I'll be a gamer till the day I die.
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